about fluff.

FLUFF WAX evolved from a desire of creating pieces of artwork and sculpture that were practical, affordable and more accessible than traditional sculptural pieces. Mixing together a love for candles, a passion for sustainability and a lifetime interest in art, fluff wax was created. Starting with small candles in cloud shapes, which had been moulded by clay.

All designs have been created by us here at FLUFF and are copyrighted to FLUFF WAX. Inspired predominantly by textures, other home furnishings and anything fluffy or squishy!

FLUFF WAX has now expanded into numerous candle shapes and creates 100% eco friendly candles that are completely handmade from start to finish, here at fluff we use toxic free ingredients in every aspects of the business, soy wax, wooden/cotton wicks, and scents that are phthalate and paraben free.

We try to make every aspect of our business as eco friendly as possible, all packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard, we also decorate our packaging by hand to save on the print process. 


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